How to get to the salt pans of Comacchio

Find the most suitable route

The Comacchio salt pans are a protected area of the Po Delta Park.

This environment is born from the hand of man, as it was used for the production of salt, even if it is more than 30 years that the production has ceased to function.

For this reason it has now become a destination of interest for many tourists, especially for the charm it exerts at sunset.

The salt pans of Comacchio are a real historical testimony of the work of the salt workers who every day went to the site to lend their labor force and bring salt to the community.

The route is open to everyone and can be reached by car or bike.


Starting from the Romea road you have to go on the bridge of the Logonovo canal, then turn right and follow the road that runs alongside the canal until the end.


It is necessary to start from Lido degli Estensi and follow the cycle path that runs alongside via Cagliari before continuing, without any hiccups.
Just cross the Logonovo canal and approach the entrance to the Comacchio salt pans.